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Automated Bus Pilot on MSU’s campus in Michigan

Adastec is partnering with Michigan State University (MSU) to roll out a full-size, electric Level 4 automated bus on MSU’s campus in East Lansing, Michigan, USA. The pilot will service a 7-mile route and will be open to the public beginning in 2021. Designed for large-scale public transport on

KARSAN ATAK Electric will be automated by ADASTEC

KARSAN started working for public transportation vehicles with autonomous driving characteristics. KARSAN, who first worked on ATAK Electric, announced that it would bring ATAK Electric to Level-4 Autonomous driving features. KARSAN, which has studies on autonomous vehicles and cooperates with A


As a Level-4 Automated Bus Software Solution Provider ADASTEC is planning to present its total solution running on 8-meter (full-size) electric bus to UITP members worldwide.